Did you know that referring friends, family, or other connections to KARE can help earn you cash? To start referring, visit the Club tab in the Heroes mobile app.


Where to access KARE Club

KARE Club is found on the bottom of the page between the Notification and Profile tabs.


How KARE Club works

If you refer a person to KARE, you are referred to as a “SuperHERO,” while your referral is called a “sidekick.” Each time your sidekick works a shift, you have the potential to earn money.


To earn money from your sidekick, the SuperHERO (you) must have the following:

  • Worked a minimum of four shifts per month.
  • Shifts must be rated 4 stars or above to count towards earnings
  • Worked greater than or equal to the number of shifts that the sidekick works per month
  • No shifts canceled within 12 hours prior to a shift start time within the month
  • No suspensions
  • No “No Call/No Shows” to shifts in the current or previous month


Your sidekick (referral) must have the following:

  • A reliability score of 7.5 or greater by the last day of the month
  • No suspensions within the month
  • No shifts canceled within 12 hours prior to a shift start time within the month
  • No “No Call/No Shows” to shifts in the month
  • No removal from KARE
ℹ️ Money is deposited five business days after the end of the month.

Referring friends

If you want to refer friends, family, acquaintances, or other connections you may have, you can do this through the KARE Club tab. To do this, follow these steps:

  1. Navigate to the KARE Club tab
  2. Tap the “Refer Friends” button
  3. If prompted, allow permissions to access your contact list
  4. Select a list of contacts to invite
  5. Tap the “Invite” button

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Once you have invited friends, they should receive a text message with a link to register. It is important to note that this link will connect them with your account. If a friend registers without the link, they may not be connected to your account. If this happens, reach out to KARE support to have them added as a sidekick.


ℹ️  If there is a number that you want to invite and they are not in your contacts list, you can still invite them by typing in their number and clicking the “Add contact to invites” text.


Viewing pay rates

KARE Cash rates may fluctuate based on the market and license that your sidekick is working in. To view the payout rates, click the “View Rates” button on the KARE Club page.



Viewing KARE Cash status

Checking your current KARE Cash for the month is easy! Tap the Club tab icon and start viewing your earned, potential earned, and total earned to date. What do each of these mean?

  1. Earned – How much cash is earned in the month
  2. Potential Earned – Potential earned is the amount you can earn if you work the same number of shifts as your sidekicks. “Earned” amount may be less than “Potential Earned” if a sidekick has worked more shifts than you
  3. Total Earned to Date – How much a HERO has earned through KARE Club throughout the history of the profile

[show home page of KARE club with data]


ℹ️  To view the shift history of total KARE Cash earned, click the “View all shift histories” button located within the “Total Earned to Date” page.


[Show screenshot of View all shift histories button]


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