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Canceling Shifts


Life happens, and sometimes things come up that result in a need to cancel a shift. In this guide, we will talk about how to cancel a shift that you are confirmed for, best practices, and any additional points that you need to know before canceling.


How to cancel a shift

To cancel a shift, go to your My Shifts tab and tap on the shift that you want to cancel.


Once you have tapped on the shift card, a button will display towards the bottom that shows Cancel. Once you click on this button, a pop up will appear informing you about impacts of canceling the shift. Click Yes to proceed with the cancellation. After this, a screen will display asking for the reason of cancellation. These notes will help the KARE support team in understanding why your shift got canceled.


[insert GIF of canceling a HERO]


How cancellations affect you

Canceling a shift can affect your standing on KARE depending on:

1. How soon you canceled prior to start time

2. How many cancellations you have

3. If you are on probation


In most instances, canceling a shift 48 hours before the start time will result in a 3 day suspension pending KARE investigation. Canceling a shift 12 hours before start time can be especially detrimental to communities and will result in a 7 day suspension.


ℹ️ Note: If you still have any shifts to work once your suspension is activated, you will still be able to work them, however, you will not be able to apply for any new shifts during your suspension.


No shows

Anytime a no show occurs, Heroes are subject to suspension and potential dismissal from the platform depending on their history.A HERO is likely to be dismissed from the platform if:

  • HERO has a low reliability score
  • HERO has a history of no showing multiple times
  • HERO has spoke with KARE before about best practices but not followed them after no shows or cancellations
  • HERO has a habit of canceling under 48 hours repeatedly


It’s important to try to avoid No Shows as much as possible. Emergencies will happen, and we will cover what to do in those scenarios in the best practices for canceling section.


Best practices for canceling

While cancellations and no-shows may happen, it is important to follow best practices to minimize any negative ramifications that occur when canceling/no showing.


1️⃣ Always communicate cancellations and no shows to a community

Communities will be appreciative of any advance notice given about why you may have to cancel a shift and will be more likely to allow returns.


2️⃣ Cancel shifts earlier if you have to

Give communities as much time to find a replacement for a canceled shift. Canceling 48+ hours before a shift will not have any affect on your reliability score and give the communities ample time to seek out other Heroes.


3️⃣ Speak with KARE support team members when they reach out

Part of KARE’s protocol is to reach out to Heroes to verify reasons for canceling/no show. If a KARE team member reaches out, we encourage you to speak with them and explain why a cancellation or no show occurred.


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