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KARE Reports Center


Note: Only local community users have access to the reports center. KARE is working on expanding this access to enterprise/company level users. If an enterprise and/or company user needs a specific report from the data center, it is advised to request this from local community users or KARE Account Managers.


In this guide, we will discuss the following information regarding the Report Center:

  • How to access
  • Levels of reporting
  • Downloading reports


How to access

The report center is only available on the web application at this time. Community users, such as admins or supervisors*, can access reports by following these steps:

1. Login to KARE

2. Click the “Reports” tab



3. A popup will appear in the middle of the screen, click “Launch Data Center”


4. A new window will appear with the Report Center


*Supervisors cannot access reports unless their permission sets have been enabled to do so.


Levels of reporting

At this time, the Report Center shows two different reports:

  1. Shift reports
  2. PBJ reports


Shift reports are best used when comparing to invoices or trying to understand the following:

  • Shift times
  • Who worked a shift
  • When was the shift posted
  • Hourly rate
  • License type
  • Invoicing amounts
  • Line item billing


PBJ reports are best used for CMS reporting requirements. Within the PBJ tab, you can find the following data:

  • Report quarter
  • Employee data such as hire date and termination time*
  • Staffing hours


*Termination time is logged if a community has DNR’d a KARE HERO within the system.


Downloading reports

Below, we will break down how to run Shift and PBJ reports.


Shift reports

In the shift reports tab, set a date range and shift status, or type an invoice number to generate a report. Click “Generate Report” when ready.



The shift report may take a minute or so to download depending on the amount of data included. Once done, click the “Download Report” button to save the file to your computer.


PBJ reports

To run a PBJ report, select a date range and click the “Create Report” button.


Creating a report will generate two different file options: Excel and XML. Click on the “Process [file type] File” for the format that you want to start generating a file for download (this may take a while to generate). Once the file is ready for download, click “Download [file type] File.”


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