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KARE is the first labor marketplace dedicated solely to the Senior Housing and Post Acute industry. KARE uses patented technology to create a platform that matches qualified hourly labor (nurses and caregivers) with Senior Care Communities and Nursing Homes, delivering a revolutionary and modernized approach to solving one of our industries biggest challenges.

“Once you have a HERO, rest assured that they will show up on time, work will be done and finally everyone will be Smiling with Joy…”

– Rowland Mwakibete | The Clare, LCS


Let’s look at a typical CNA.

“The quality of the KARE staff that covered our available shifts yielded such high caliber individuals that worked well with our team and provided the quality care we expect from our own associates.  The two words that come to mind in describing The Delaney at South Shore partnership with KARE is GAME CHANGING!”

– Heidi Haight | Executive Director of The Delaney at South Shore


There are over 5.3 Million Personal Care Aides, CNAs, CMAs and LVN/LPNs in the US
The need is only expected to grow by 41% over the next decade
This wage class is under increasing income insecurity
There are 5,282 Healthcare Staffing Companies in the US. They are fragmented and expensive
360,000 unfilled care/LPN jobs on
This equates to 720 MM Overtime hours or $9.5 Billion in lost profits
The national average time to hire frontline care staff is 49 days
With 50%+ Staff turnover every year, finding qualified staff is the #1 or #2 concern for operators


Eliminate the need for costly staffing agencies

Reduce hiring time from 49 days to just a few days!

Virtually eliminate overtime, saving facilities $3,000 - $5,000/month!

Increase workers access to additional income

Give workers more autonomy over their own schedule.


+ No Contracts

+ No upfront costs.

+ No cost to hire FTEs.

+ Each community sets their own hourly rates.

+ Easy onboarding will have you up and running in as little as 20 minutes.