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Profile and Settings


Getting acquainted with your profile and settings is important during your time on the KARE Heroes mobile app. In this guide, we will cover everything you need to know about customizing settings and managing your profile.


What is included?

Some of the functions included in Profile and Settings are notifications, markets, perks, policies, and more.

  • Account Information
  • License & Documents
  • Earn Extra
  • HERO Perks
  • KARE Company Store
  • Resume
  • Get Paid
  • Settings
  • Contact Us
  • W-9 Form
  • FAQ
  • Terms of Service
  • Privacy Policy
  • COVID-19 Policy


[screenshot of profile screen]


Editing personal information


If you need to make changes to personal information such as name, email, cellphone, social security number, address and more, you can do this through the Account Information section.


[screenshot of account information page]


Deleting an account

While we hate to see you go, we understand if you need to delete your account. A delete account option is available at the bottom of the Account Information page. A few questions need to be answered regarding feedback and troubleshooting before deletion.

Deleting an account is final, and rejoining KARE will require repeating the onboarding process. All KARE Club history and sidekicks will be removed, and promotion progress will be lost. KARE is required to keep shift data for at least 10 years due to state regulation and reporting. Tax receipts will also be sent out at the end of the fiscal year as indicated on your W9 form.


Adding or modifying healthcare license information


As referenced in the [insert link to onboarding tutorial], you can also add new healthcare licenses or additional states. All Heroes are required to go through the onboarding process again for new states and licenses. However, some of the information previously uploaded can be transferred to your new license and/or state.


Earn extra


By tapping the Earn Extra section, Heroes are able to view current promotions happening in their area. Any active promotions will be listed.



HERO perks

KARE partners with vendors to offer special deals to Heroes! You can see all vendor partnerships by tapping on the HERO Perks section.


[insert screenshot of HERO perks]


KARE company store

Tapping the KARE Company Store section will redirect you to our website where you can order merchandise and other swag to show your KARE pride!




Build your resume

KARE Heroes app allows you to build a resume if you do not have one ready to upload. Tap the Resume section, then “Build a New Resume” to get started. Here, Heroes can add work experience, skills, and more.


[Screenshot of resume builder]


ℹ️ Having a resume available for communities to view will increase your chances of being picked when applying to shifts.


Bank account information and next paychecks


Tapping Get Paid will show you the total amount you have earned while working on KARE. In addition, you can access or make changes to bank account information by opening the bank account listed.


[gif of get paid and bank account page]


View whether you are eligible for HERO Real-Time Pay™ or update your bank account information.


ℹ️ More information about HERO Real-Time Pay™ can be found on the bank account page.


Change markets and notification settings


The Settings section under your profile page will is separated into two parts:

  1. Market Settings
  2. Notification Settings


Heroes are able to add or remove markets that they want to see shifts in. If you are a HERO who likes to work in different cities or states, make sure you select multiple markets. In our article about [insert link to article about customizing notifications] we discuss how to change notification settings. By tapping the Notification Settings option, you can customize how you receive notifications through email and text. While we want to keep you informed, we highly recommend taking the time to make adjustments so that you do not feel overwhelmed.


Get in touch with KARE


Getting in touch with KARE is easy – tap the Contact Us section and call or message us. Our hours of operation are:

  • Messaging – 5 AM – 11 PM Central Time
  • Calls – 8 AM – 8 PM Central Time


W-9 form for taxes


We request that Heroes fill out a W-9 form (request for taxpayer identification number and certification) so that we can send out tax receipts at the end of the fiscal year. If you ever need to access the W-9 form that you filled out during onboarding, tap the W-9 Form section. If any changes have occurred to your address, social security number, or other identification, please contact KARE so we can have you fill out a new W-9.

[screenshot of W-9 section]




The FAQ section will redirect you to [insert link of HERO FAQ]. Here, you can find answers to common questions that Heroes have. Some things covered in this section are:

  • What is KARE?
  • Onboarding procedures
  • Pay
  • Employment status
  • Using the app
  • What to expect when working


Note, these are not all the topics covered in the FAQ, so if you have additional questions always check the FAQ section first.


Other policies and information


The remaining sections of your profile are Terms of Service, Privacy Policy, COVID-19 Policy, and App Information.

[Insert screenshot of remaining sections]


Terms of service


The terms of service covers many topics including but not limited to:

  • What policies apply to all users of KARE, how KARE works, what KARE isn’t, registration on KARE, responsibilities, content, suspension and termination from the platform
  • Professional relationship between KARE and registered Heroes, registration information, payment, HIPAA, and more


Privacy policy


The privacy policy covers many topics including but not limited to:

  • What information does KARE collect
  • How does KARE process the information
  • Legal rights to processing information
  • How we share information
  • How to contact KARE about privacy
  • How to review, update, and delete data that KARE collects


COVID-19 policy


The COVID-19 policy covers many topics including but not limited to:

  • Purpose of policy
  • Mandates, exemptions, and company policies
  • KARE policy towards mandates


App information


Details such as environment, app version, and build number are included. KARE Support staff may need app information when troubleshooting KARE Heroes app issues.