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Getting paid

Everyone wants to get paid! So how will you know if you have received payment for your worked shifts? We will cover that below in this guide.


When payment occurs

The timing of your payment depends on multiple factors. This includes:

  • When a community user verified your shift
  • Star ratings earned after on a shift
  • Eligibility for HERO Real-Time Pay

Below, we’ll cover how each factor influences the timing of your payout.

Shift verification by communities

In order to be paid out for your shift, a community member needs to verify your time card. On average, it can take communities anywhere from 24-72 hours before a shift gets verified depending on their workload and staff availability. We don’t recommend reaching out to communities about verification until it has been at least 72 hours if your verified status hasn’t been updated. If a community has verified the shift, and you still haven’t received payment, contact KARE.


Star ratings per shift

The star rating that you receive from a community following a shift can influence the timing of a payout. On average, Heroes generally receive payment for their shifts within 7 business days from when a community verifies the shift. However, Heroes who earn 4 or 5 star reviews from communities can receive payment the following business day after that shift is verified. If a HERO has HERO Real-Time Pay (discussed below), they may receive their payment immediately following verification!


Each community has different criteria for what constitutes a 5-star, 4-star, or below shift. Generally, following these tips will land you a 4 or 5 star rating.

  • Arrive on time (or up to 10 minutes prior)
  • Properly check in and out on the Heroes app and at the community kiosk if required
  • Be ready to help and be polite
  • Avoid spending time on your phone or taking excessive breaks on shift
  • Complete tasks assigned by supervisors

Below you can find a helpful table on payment times if you earn 4 or 5 stars and do not have HERO Real-Time Pay. These payout times will be delayed on holidays.


HERO Real-Time Pay

With HERO Real-Time Pay, Heroes receive 100% full payment following the completion and verification of a shift when they receive a 4 or 5 star review from a community. This includes shifts that are verified at night, weekends, and even holidays. However, this only applies to people with eligible bank accounts.

If you’d like more information about HERO Real-Time Pay™ (HRTP), we suggest taking a look at our HERO FAQ’s section for HRTP.


Finding payout amounts

You can look at your transactional history on KARE Heroes by doing the following:

1. Tap Profile

2. Tap Get Paid

3. Inside of Get Paid, you will be able to see your transaction history which includes the date and amount paid.

[insert screenshot of paid amounts]


Need assistance with payments?

If you still experience issues receiving payments, please reach out to the KARE Support team at or by phone at 832-380-8740.


Additional Resources

HERO FAQ’s and HERO Real-Time Pay