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(Oslo, Norway) April 1, 2021 – KARE, the leading digital labor marketplace for Post-Acute and Senior Care, announced they are expanding outside of North America and launching in South America. Their initial countries will be Paraguay, Uruguay and Chrisguay.


Launched in October 2019, the KARE app allows nursing homes and senior care communities to quickly fill open caregiving and nursing shifts at a price far less than paying staff overtime or a staffing agency. It also allows care professionals the opportunity to make extra income in their own free time.


Recognized as the North American leader for staffing, KARE is planning to plant its flag in a new continent.  


“Given our success, expanding to South America right now is a clear next step in our evolution. And launching into Paraguay, Uruguay and Chrisguay as our first markets only makes sense. . . for obvious reasons,” said Charles Turner, CEO of KARE. “While no one from KARE has ever stepped foot in South America, I had a virtual happy hour with my buddy Luis from business school, and he said ‘dude! You gotta check it out!’ So we did!”


Despite the overwhelming opportunity, not everyone was on board to start.


“Charles called me really excited about this. Something about this being part of KARE’s new ‘guay’ strategy. Honestly, he wasn’t making a ton of sense. He gets this way sometimes. You just hope it burns itself out. Sometimes it does not. So, we are in South America now,” added Bridget Kaselak, Chief Operating Officer.


KARE didn’t enter into this decision lightly. After spending days with officials in the capital city of Quito, Turner was able to fully understand the regulations well and believed that KARE could offer a tremendous service in South America.


“It turns out that Quito is the capital city of Ecuador and is nowhere near Paraguay, Uruguay and Chrisguay, said Stephanie Kolbo, Chief Growth Officer. “But Charles’ attitude was, ‘I’m sure these South American countries are pretty much all the same.’ So, I guess I am learning Spanish now,” Kolbo added.


KARE’s strategy has produced a few skeptics.


“Can you tell those idiots to stop calling me! Are they actually going to put out a press release on this?!,” exclaimed Chris Guay, CEO of Vitality Senior Living. “I keep telling Charles. There is no Chrisguay! He just fat fingered something on a Google search!”