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Utilizing Checkr for Health Screens

What is Checkr?

Checkr is a technology platform that partners with KARE to initiate background check and health screen services for KARE Heroes and candidates. As part of the onboarding experience, Heroes are offered free health screens and drug tests via Checkr. If you’d like more information on our partner, Checkr, please visit their website.


What is in this guide?

This guide will take you through the step by step process of explaining how to book health screen appointments through Checkr.


Step 1: Receiving an email from Checkr

To setup your health screen appointment, you will receive an email from KARE’s trusted partner, Checkr Background Services. Sometimes these emails may end up in the junk/spam folders if not in inbox. If there are still problems with finding the invitation, please contact the KARE support team.

The typical email title for your invitation may include “Start your KARE LLC background check.”



Step 2: Fill out your personal information in the Welcome section of the Checkr form

Welcome emails will contain a link that will redirect you to a new site asking you to fill out your contact information, personal information, and an authorization to consent of Checkr’s Terms of Service and Privacy Policy.


Step 3: Find a healthcare provider near you

After you’ve filled out personal information and consented to Checkr’s terms of service and privacy policy, you will be prompted to enter your location to find a contracted health screen provider near you.


Step 4: Consent and agree to Summary of Your Rights

You’ll be required to consent and agree to a Summary of Your Rights to proceed.


Step 5: Acknowledge disclosure agreements

You will be required to acknowledge the disclosure agreement about health screens and/or background investigations. Note background investigation information is not relevant if you are receiving a health screen.


Step 6: Submit electronic signatures for health screen authorization

As a HERO or candidate, you are required to authorize Checkr to process health screen results after your appointment. At the bottom of the screen, sign your name, verify you are not a robot, and click the green Submit button.


Step 7: Follow further instructions before appointment

Once you have completed the Checkr health screen questionnaire and consent forms, you will receive another email from Checkr Background Services with further instructions. This email will contain a link to download your health screen pass to bring to your appointment. Note there may be up to a 10-20 minute delay before the email arrives.



If you have additional questions, please reach out to our KARE support team at herosupport@doyoukare.com